Amitis Med Co. founded in 2010, after years of planning and market research.
We are very much grateful to introduce ourselves as a trading company in Iran in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic products plus medical equipment.
Amitis is proud to announce that it has been the exclusive distributor of well-known European brands like Cytosial in Iran. We have been supporting more than 2000 clinics and beauty centers plus visiting dermatologists and GPs. We are confident that the company will steadily grow in the future because the products we are offering are innovative and reliable. With 37 employees whose 22 of them are in the sales department and 10 sub-dealers, Amitis tries to expand its horizons.
To keep our current standards of business, the company attempts to promote ourselves to the international levels of medical professionals.
Our main goals are supplying high-quality aesthetic and cosmetic materials and equipment, providing training and workshop services for professionals and physicians, and proving after-sales services.
Consulting and selling dermal and aesthetic equipment, supplying required aesthetic materials, holding workshops and training sessions, offering after-sales services, and settling related aesthetic centers are our main activities of Amitis Med Co.
شرکت آمیتیس مد
Amitis Med Co. is ready to provide services and consultations for bellow groups:
  • Physicians
Our professional consultants guide up physicians to purchase their required products. Also, this advice could be in the field of training and medical information.
  • Clinics
Amitis Med is ready to cooperate clinics and treatment centers for supplying consumables ad advanced medical devices.
  • Representatives
We have several representatives in different cities of Iran such as Mashhad, Tabriz, Esfahan, Ahvaz, Shiraz, etc.
Our Website Services (
  • Skincare and aesthetic products
  • Training courses
  • Consultation services for physicians and clinics
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